Privacy policy

With reference to the provisions set forth by the Decreto Legislativo 196/2003 containing rules aimed at protecting the confidentiality of personal data, we would like to inform you that your personal data, your registration information and the information related to your purchases may be processed, within our operations, with or without electronic means, in compliance with the aforementioned law for the institutional purposes of our activities, and in particular for the following reasons:

  1. to carry out a service or one or more operations agreed upon by contract
  2. to fulfil the obligations set forth by the laws or regulations
  3. to protect the rights of the owner of CAMPO BASE S.N.C. (Get Moving) during judicial proceedings

The provision of your personal data to CAMPO BASE S.N.C. (Get Moving) is strictly aimed at fulfilling the contract or, when specified, for the activities agreed by the customer.

The holder of personal data for its processing in accordance with the Decreto legislativo 196/2003 is CAMPO BASE S.N.C. (Get Moving)

The data shall be stored at the headquarters of our company, at the following address:
Owned by G. and M. Ferrari and R. Muratori
Via Vignolese, 39
41057 Spilamberto (Mo)
Phone: 059/785143
E-Mail :
TAX NUMBER    02413760360
for the period provided by law;

The processing of the data supplied, or otherwise acquired during our operations, may be carried out also by subjects entitled to have access to your personal data by laws or secondary and European norms.

The customer may require at any time the modification or the cancellation of the abovementioned data.